Henry Bass

db 'Hello!', 10, 0
10 PRINT 'Hello!'
std::cout << "Hello!\n";

I'm Henry. I've got experience in Python, Javascript, and C#. I've worked on a few projects that you can find in my GitHub. This is a small landing page I put together. Thanks for coming by!


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My favorite things to do with code are generally simulations and automation, but I mostly just mess around and see what I can make. I tried to made this site as fancy as possible, with plenty of bells and whistles. In fact, there's a dark mode option below. It should automatically load into dark mode if it's past 7pm!

Recent Projects:

Chat App
I made a working chat app with themes, channels and stuff. You might actually find me on it! You can find it here. Have fun!

Dark Web Server
Just for fun, I put a Tor hidden service on my Raspberry pi. You can find it here.(Tor required) I also set up a locally hosted dark web IRC chat.

Site Unblocker
I hate Securly, so I made a webiste that generates an unblocked link to any site. It uses Google Translate as a proxy, and a Securly exploit to work. Try it out here.

Spelling Bee Solver
An algorith made to solve the NY Times Spelling Bee. It's written in Python, and can solve the puzzle in about 4 seconds.

Generative Art
An algorithm to create totally unique abstract art. It uses p5.js, and can be found here.

Discord Nuker
A discord bot that floods servers with messages, and can preform mass bans. It's based on the Discord API.

Black Hole Calculator
A math project I did that returns information about a black hole, given it's mass. It's written in JS, and a web version can be found here.